action and goals

Ok – so the last post I wrote was about why SMART goals don’t work. Well they do but not on their own.

the 2 missing A’s: Action and Accountability are the key.

so today the first A –  Action.

SMART goals don’t work because we stop taking action – full stop. Too strong? maybe.

here are some reasons we stop taking action: (note I am assuming your goals are SMART)

You start out too fast – rush like a bull at a gate and don’t pace ourselves – we wear out.

You hit a brick wall or stumble and then just stop

You forget why you set the goal in the first place

You fail some measures and loose motivation

You were a little unrealistic and get overwhelmed

You… You … You …  add your own (I have a few)

   so what can you do to help you to keep taking action?

You can use picture boards, write notes on your bathroom mirror, split up the goals into more and smaller steps.

Maybe you can can just take 1 step each week – all these you have likely tried but they don’t work as well as Accountability when it is done well.

So now map out your SMART goals in small steps, create a picture board if you are graphic, add notes and reminders as to why you are doing this – it will help.

In the next post is the most likely way you will smash your goals and take lots of Action – its accountability.


make twenty 12 count


Will You Help?

Hey [wlm_firstname]

Something happened today that I want to share with you. It was meaningful to me and I’m hopeful it will connect with you as well. I helped make a difference today for needy orphans in Reynosa, Mexico.
All it cost me was a one-time $3.00 purchase.

Author Jimmy Brown is selling his latest ebook, Finish Line Faith: How To Reach Your Goals, for just $3 at Half of every purchase goes to provide food, shelter and clothing for the kids at Rio Bravo Children’s Home in Reynosa, Mexico. The book itself is very inspirational – lots of real life stories and practical advice for setting and reaching goals. It’s 65 pages in length and very enjoyable. It’s well worth the $3 on its own.

I would highly recommend it even if it weren’t for a good cause. I am now reading my copy. In making the purchase for just three bucks I was able to help meet real needs for the approximately 70 kids staying at the children’s home. I wanted to share this with you because it touched me. But I also wanted to tell you about this because I hope you’ll do the same thing. Will you spend just $3 to buy a copy of the ebook to support these kids?

All the details are at the official site for the cause – We may not be able to do much, but I know we can give up one gallon of gas to make the purchase and help out. Will you help?


Garry Wells


why SMART goals don’t work

yes we have been taught in Management 101, Manager as Coach and many other training courses that SMART goals are the answer!!

so let me ask you – how is your track record? out of 10, how many goals, new year resolutions etc have you completed?

even if it was specific, measurable, attractive, relalistic and timelined — what happened when life got busy, you got de-motivated etc  95% of NTR’s never get past the middle of Feb.

why – there are 2 missing A’s

1. Action

2. Accountabilty

we stop taking action, even small steps and we don’t have anyone to hold us accountable.

next week I am going to be talking about action steps and accountability – for now, review your NYR and goals for 2012.

make them SMART.

next week I will help tie in the 2 A’s that will get you a better chance at staying with it till the end.



Make Twenty12 count


the climb

the climb – a personal plan for making a change

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make twenty12 count


Day 7 of 7 – thinking motivation

here it is – the last day on this topic

Building buffers

Buffers are important in your life. Some things through life are out of your control. 

Your positive attitude and buffers will help you manage your life and the things you do.

 To create buffers you might choose to talk to friends to work you through certain circumstances. Other ways are: you may choose to talk to a counselor or a therapist to make it through a hard time. Many people practice meditation . You might want to build an external support system so when the bad does strike you have people to talk you through the hard times.

Buffers can help


Garry – make twenty12 count

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